Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful city with a wide variety of scenic locations that are perfect for taking romantic couple's photos.

Whether you're looking for an urban skyline, lush gardens, or picturesque waterfront, Charlotte has it all. Here are some of my recommendations.

Jetton Park at Lake Norman

Jetton Park offers a variety of scenic spots that provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for photos.

The lake and fountain provide an opportunity for romantic and peaceful photos, with the reflections of the water adding a beautiful and serene quality to the images. The large field, on the other hand, is perfect for outdoor and nature photos.

In additional to these the sheer variety of walking trails, wooden bridges and a bird sanctuary provide a natural setting, perfect for capturing intimate and candid moments. This can be a great opportunity for couples to capture memories that reflect their love for nature and adventure.

McDowell Nature Preserve

This is another great location offering a wide variety of scenic spots that provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for photos. The preserve is situated in the heart of nature, with more than 1,100 acres of undisturbed forest, and 12 miles of hiking trails, it's a great place for a nature-inspired photoshoot.

One of the best features of the McDowell Nature Preserve is the variety of landscapes it offers. The park is home to a lake that offers reflections and serene setting. It also offers a variety of forests, wetlands and meadows that can provide an opportunity for rustic and natural photos.

Additionally, McDowells nature preserve offers a great spot for sunset photography, with the sun hitting the forest and the lake it creates a beautiful warm light that makes the photos look magical and romantic.

The rooftop at Fahrenheit Restaurant (Reservation required)

The most amazing thing about Fahrenheit is its rooftop terrace, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline, providing a dramatic and sophisticated background for photos. The terrace is a great spot for sunset photography, where the warm light of the sun creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance for your photos.

UNCC Botanical Gardens

The gardens cover around 300 acres, and features different themed gardens such as rose garden, herb garden, arboretum and a conservatory. You can find different type of plants and flowers throughout the year, from spring blooms to fall foliage and can provide the perfect backdrop for any season.

Additionally, The garden also boasts several walking trails and wooden bridges that can provide a natural setting, perfect for capturing intimate and candid moments. It also offers various gazebos and pagodas as well as a lake, that can provide interesting and beautiful background for photos.

Blue Ridge Parkway - The drive is totally worth it.

I can go on about the beautiful landscapes, mountain vistas, sunsets, and the amazing atmosphere. This place is a heaven for scenic and landscape photography. It would be an understatement to say that "You just can't go wrong"

We are always excited to shoot almost anywhere in Charlotte. Besides some of our favorite recommendation above, there are a ton of other options that simply look stunning. If you are looking for your own photography session, please do reach out. We are more than happy to assist you with anything to make your photos memorable.